Kids’ Castle @ Doylestown Central Park

Some good friends of ours from San Francisco moved back to the East Coast a year or so after we left. They just so happened to have moved about a mile from Sesame Place. Not only did they graciously host us for the weekend, but they brought us to this gem of a playground (they secretly were looking for kids to take since it would be creepy to play at the castle without children of your own, hehe).

About 30 minutes northwest of Sesame Place is an 8 story kid’s playground structure called Kids’ Castle. It is a wooden castle that you would think is rickety because it is 20 years old. But Doylestown Township has done a fantastic job of maintaining the wooden castle–honestly, you wouldn’t think it was 20 years old. You can’t tell from afar, but inside the castle is an intricate maze of cargo nets, slides, ramps, and stairs that take you up and down and around the castle. There are multiple ways to go up and multiple ways to get out, to include slides. It’s intended for children 5-12, but our 2.5 year old had no problem hanging with the big kids.

Cheesin’ before entering the castle.

Here are some top tips if you visit:

  • This castle is HUGE! You cannot keep an eye out for your child from the ground. If you are at all concerned about the safety of your child, you should accompany them. Just be aware that the castle is intended for children and so you’ll be left hunched over a lot.
  • The playground is completely fenced in. If you are ok with letting your children be, I would sit at the entrance of the playground. It has shade and benches for parents. In case you have wandering children, you’ll be able to catch them before they leave the playground into the larger park.
  • There’s also a pirate themed play structure meant for tots to the left (if your back is to the entrance). It’s a newer metal designed structure that can keep young kids entertained as they try to find treasure.
  • Also to the left there are only 2 swings for babies/toddlers, which is not a lot. On a busy day they will be occupied. But hopefully you can distract your children with the actual castle! On the right there are swings for older children and one swing meant for less abled people.
  • And don’t worry about the windows. They are all covered with netting that it would be difficult for kids to fall or climb out. I assume they inspect this for holes daily because we didn’t see any problems during our visit.

This was such a fun day for us, I mean the kids. We could have easily spent the entire day there. It was super hard to drag the kids away too. And surprisingly it did not feel crowded, even though it was a Sunday and there were a lot of kids there. Usually playgrounds on a weekend are like a zoo, especially popular places like this playground, but this didn’t give off that vibe.

And if you are already visiting this part of town, you should go to the downtown part of Doylestown. It is a cute little old town with lots of mom and pop shops, restaurants, cafes, and tons of ice cream shops! After the playground we had lunch and ice cream here, and the kids soon forgot about the castle. It was the perfect end to our weekend here in Pennsylvania!

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